Allen Le Nam

Co-Chairman of the Senior Advisory Board of CCT Global

His real name is Lê Hoài Nam. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. He has lived and worked in Canada for 22 years and is of Vietnamese descent.

  • - CEO and co-founder of Hue Developments (also known as Hoa Binh Canada Inc), which is the international market development branch of Hoa Binh Construction Group Vietnam.
  • - Founding shareholder and general director of Pax International Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • - Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A) from Toronto, Canada.
  • - Master of Economic Administration (M.E.A) from California, USA.
  • - Graduated with honors from the advanced real estate investment and practice course at Trump University in New York.
  • - An experienced investor with numerous successes in real estate in various markets such as the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Phu Quoc (Vietnam).

Mr. Allen Le Nam has close relationships with the government and politicians in Toronto and the federal government through various collaborative projects he has been involved in.

He also has long-standing connections with the top real estate exchanges in Toronto, including Remax Premier Canada, Homelife, and others, which are among the most famous and largest in the area.

Mr. Allen Le Nam is also nicknamed "Nam 300 percent" because, throughout his real estate investment career, he has not had a project that yielded profits of less than 300 percent.

With his experience and reputation in the field of financial and real estate investment, Mr. Allen Le Nam is a well-known figure who guarantees the success of many investment deals, as well as attracts a lot of major global financial institutions to increase investment in Vietnam.